The Company




iem-formation.com is a leading shopping mall investor and amongst the country's leading retail house market players, absolutely committed to boosting all components of this fascinating market.
iem-formation.com has really developed a remarkable reliability as a very valued domestic or business home loan stock business. Its strong focus is on getting and enhancing really regional and regional mall i, in addition to combined developments.
The minimum size requirement is 30,000 square meters of retail place, which stays in line with the growing pattern to decentralization and advantage shopping in the country's considerable urban places.
A pre-requisite for iem-formation.com to acquire mixed-use domestic or industrial residential or commercial property improvement is that a minimum of 50% of the improvement have to be devoted to retail.
iem-formation.com goal is to buy, develop and deal with shopping center of behalf of our financiers and to effectively grow our blood circulations in a sustainable and ethical way.